SBRConsulting now has an OSPF Cost Mapping application available. Beta testing is nearly complete. The application allows the user to map a network based on OSPF cost information gathered from a network. It queries the routers (Mikrotik only at this time) for the cost and then builds a map from the costs.

The user can modify the cost of a link or links to see what impact changes will have on the network without impacting the live network. Disabling on or more nodes to see the potential impact on the network is alos an option.

In the map above the path was traced from the Instructor Router to student5. The cost of each link is listed on each link. The OSPF Area is also shown. The link from Student4 to Student 2 has had its cost changed from 10 to 11, so therefore a dotted line. The node Lab1 is disabled, so even though going through it would have had the lower cost, it is not used.

Due to the vulnerabilities of Mikrotik routers

your routers should have the API port blocked. For any router you want the program to collect data from will need to have IP->Services set to allow the server address API access.

A demonstration of the system is available on our server.

The draft user manual is available here.

Contact us for pricing and other feature requests.


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